Domestic Central Heating

Plumbed central heating systems in most domestic environments fall into one of three types:

  • Vented pumped with radiators - common in many properties in the UK. Characterised by a small feed and expansion cistern in the loft.
  • Unvented pumped with radiators - more efficient than vented and less prone to corrosion due to the system being closed.
  • Unvented pumped underfloor heating - typically installed in new builds. Can be part retrofiited to extensions. Usually fitted with a pump and manifold kit.

All systems require valves and electrical controls. Valves required could be 2-Port Zone valve or 3-Port depending on whether the system is plumbed as an S-Plan or C-Plan. All radiators should have a thermostatic valve fitted excepting one radiator that should act as a bypass, if an automatic bypass isn't fitted. Electrical controls include a room thermostat, a cylinder thermostat and a programmer.

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