Buy local - it makes sense


Buy Local – It makes sense!

I always approach my work with the same high level of professionalism, irrespective of whether my customers are in Wilmslow or the Wirrla. Unfortunately the same can't be said of all tradespeople.

During the years I've been running LNE Electrical and Plumbing, I’ve seen terrible kitchen installations and botched builds, frequently as a result of a client being tempted by the cheapest price quoted - often under-cutting trusted local tradespeople who have been running their reputable businesses in and around Macclesfield for many years. The net result is that I do a lot of work to fix the problems caused by inexperienced, poorly-qualifed electricians and plumbers who do a less than professional job.

I'm a great believer in 'you get what you pay for'.

Choosing local, skilled tradespeople provides the following benefits:

  • Local businesses have a reputation to protect. It's not in their interest to disappoint their clients, so your more likely to get a better job done.
  • In the unlikely event of any problems, it's less difficult for your local tradesperson to pop round to sort it out.
  • Some jobs benefit from continuity. For example, you may have a later project that is reliant on some aspect of the first job. Having the person that did the first job readily available to perform the second job can make the later project much easier to complete.
  • You're supporting your local skilled trades and in so doing contributing to the local community.

So the next time you have a renovation, new build, extension or bathroom project, consider local companies and local tradesmen and the benefits that they have to offer. 

For all your electrical and plumbing requirements, call LNE Electrical and Plumbing today on 0788 1786278. If you need a recommendation for another trade, please get in touch - I know and work with a wide range of skilled, experienced and trustworthy tradesmen in the Cheshire East area.

If you want to find a Part P-certified electrician, visit the NAPIT website and select the '"find a member" menu option.

If you want to find a reliable local electrical wholesaler, try Northern Central Electrical Macclesfield

If you need a friendly plumber's merchant, try Grahams in Macclesfield.